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My Top 5 Romance (series) Re-Reads

Sometimes there is nothing better than burrowing under the blankets with my tablet on a rainy day and searching my digital library for something to


If you are a romance junkie like me you know what I’m talking about. There are so many new books to read constantly hitting the market, you might even have a ridiculously long TBR list. But I’d bet there are a few books you find yourself revisiting from time to time.

I decided to compile a list of my top 5 romance series re-reads. My only criteria was that I had to have read the books at least three times in order to make the list. Also, I really hate long lists. So 5 is a good solid number. But believe me, there are several more that I could’ve added!

So here are my...

One thing you should know is that these books are not in any specific order. Another thing is that they are all actually book series rather than stand alones. That was not intentional, it just worked out that way. I realize that I might have a problem of letting go! When I get hooked on characters I don’t just want them to ride off into the sunset, I want to see them the next morning! And the next day, and the next! Now of course series can get frustrating because many authors string the drama and the angst out too far when there really isn’t much story left to tell. Or maybe even worse, the author leaves you hanging out there for a year or more waiting for the next book. And when you are a romance junkie like me, you know you need that hit right away and it needs to be a good one.

Re-reading a book after months and in some cases years is like visiting with old friends. You know their story, but you just haven’t quite grown tired of hearing it. Again. And again...So what are your favorite romance series re-reads?

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you!


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