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Ghost Done Did It Now!

I clearly have no life! This is exactly why I need to stop getting sucked into these damned TV shows. On Sunday's episode of Power (Season 3-Episode 9 "I Call The Shots") the stakes got even higher if that's possible. The writers on this show certainly know how to twist the knife and keep ratcheting up the tension. Honestly, I don't even know where to start. So I will deal with the story line that makes me squirm first.


Quick Recap:

Milan is still screwing with Tommy's head and turning him against Ghost. Kanan is still screwing with Ghost and Tasha's son Tariq and turning him against Ghost. Kanan is still using Dre to get his revenge on Ghost. Angela hates Ghost but is trying to work with him so she can save her own ass. Agent Knox still has a hard on for Ghost and is boning Angela to get information (and she's doing the same to him). Tasha doesn't trust Ghost although she slept with him and ended up screwing up his latest plan which got Ruiz killed. Tommy has concluded that Ghost never really had his back and has only been in it for himself and has tossed in his lot with the psychopathic Serbian and his band of misfits. Milan (aka the psychopathic Serbian!) wants Ghost out of the way because he knows he can control Tommy more easily. As usual all things lead to and from Ghost.

Now as I was saying...Kanan and Tariq. First off, 50 Cents deserves an Emmy for his role. This dude is a TOTAL sociopath. Killing an old lady so you can squat in her apartment? Sure, why not! Threatening to kill the baby of your snitch if he doesn't stay in line? Sure, why not! Turning your enemy's kid into your personal pawn by plying him with alcohol, telling him he's a pussy if he doesn't steal, etc... Sure, WHY THE HELL NOT!!! Now let's be clear, the stretch this story line is making that Tariq who up to this point has been a normal teenager has completely flipped because his dad left and moved in with his girlfriend is a big one. It's beyond a three-sixty. I almost hate to watch those scenes because no one can be that dumb. Ghost and Tasha may have done too good of a job sheltering their son so that he can't even recognize a predator who isn't even trying that hard to disguise himself. But as crazy as this story line is, I can't lie. I'll be glued to my TV for the season finale. Does Ghost finally find out that Kanan is alive? Is it possible that Kanan and Ghost will end up working together to get rid of Milan? Wouldn't that be crazy?

Now about Ghost. The man with the plan. Even when he's out of plans, he keeps promising to come up with another freaking plan. I am sympathetic towards him though. It's obvious how desperately he wants out. But denial is a dangerous thing. The people in his circle are happy little drug dealers. They enjoy the hustle and all that it means and they don't want to give it up. Which leads to his efforts constantly being undermined whether intentionally or not. The other part of his denial is that he's convinced himself he can just hustle his way into being legit. But maybe the dirt pile is just too high and there really is no coming back from it. I mean the only true way to go legit would be to take accountability for all he's done, but he's too busy trying to save his ass for that. He reminds me of Michael Corleone in that scene from Godfather 3. The Don was a big old liar too who tried to erase his sins with money and big business deals. But in the end, he always ended up paying with blood and taking one step forward and a hundred steps back. I wonder if this too will be Ghost's fate. So far, it's been pretty bloody and he still ain't signed that hotel deal to take his business completely legit! Oh yeah, and let's not forget our good friend Milan or is it Dean?

I could go on about this last episode, but I've got a book to finish writing (#herprotector , Her Protector). But before I go, I have a couple of questions. WHERE THE HELL IS TASHA? What did Tommy do?



This is actually a question for you reader! That angry make up sex scene between Ghost and Tasha. What did you think about it?

Did I say too much? I hope to hear from you soon!


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