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Who is Haley Provost?

Meet Haley Provost, the heroine of my debut novel Her Protector due out November 2016.


Although billionairess business woman and socialite Haley Provost shows up often on the blogs and in the news, she rarely does interviews. But recent events have caused her to be more accessible to the media than she has been willing to be in the past. The popular New York online magazine City News was fortunate enough to be granted an exclusive interview with the fiercely private heiress.

City News: Thank you for sitting down and talking with us today Ms. Provost. You are a tough woman to get an interview with.

Haley: You're welcome.

City News: It's well known that you are a very private person and have a very tight circle of friends around you. However, with the recent deaths of your father and grandfather we've seen more of you than usual in the press. We know that your father died in Ethiopia while on a trip for the Provost Foundation. Can you tell our readers more about what happened to him?

Haley: I can tell you that it's being investigated.

City News: Who's handling the investigation? The government? Your security specialist boyfriend Asher Sullivan?

Haley: My father died overseas. There are several resources involved in the investigation into his death.

City News: And what about Asher Sullivan? It's hard not to notice that many of the recent pictures that have been taken of you by the paparazzi also feature him. He made it clear in his interview with us last week that he plans to make you Mrs. Sullivan. Has he proposed yet?

Haley: He said that?

City News: Yes. You didn't read the interview?

Haley: No, I didn't. We were advised to do a few interviews, but as you can imagine I'm very busy. I spend my time reading reports on the health of my businesses rather than magazines.

City News: So he hasn't proposed yet?

Haley: Why don't you ask him. He's standing right outside.

City News: Oh well, no th-that won't really be necessary. He was kind enough to grant us an interview the first time. We were really hoping to keep this one on one with you.

Haley: Mmhmm. Well the purpose of this interview is to spread the word that despite the loss of my father, the work of the Provost Foundation continues. Recent events will not deter our efforts to improve the lives of disadvantaged people around the world.

City News: Speaking of the foundation. Your annual masked ball was quite a success. But we heard some reports that you disappeared with Mr. Sullivan in the middle of it and never returned. What happened that night?

Haley: What happened that night was that we were incredibly blessed to raise millions of dollars and give grants to local charities that we support. Next year we plan to do even better.

City News: I see you glancing at your watch. We value your time, so we can wrap this up with just one more question.

Haley: That would be great.

City News: Thank you. Do you know a woman named Jenna Lee Sullivan?

Asher Sullivan bursts into the room with his eyes blazing.

Asher: Time's up. Come on princess. We're done with City News.

City News: Mr. Sullivan who is Jenna Lee Sullivan? Because according to our research she's your ex-wi...oomph.

Asher: No more questions.



Here is what happened after the interview as told from Haley's point of view.

"That was a bad idea." I sighed as we stepped into an empty elevator car outside of City News offices.

There wasn't an ounce of contrition on Asher's face as he grinned and pushed the button for the lobby. "Hey, at least I didn't hit him. I just covered his mouth so he would shut the hell up. This bullshit magazine isn't interested in your work or mine for that matter. They just want to know about our private lives."

"And so you decided to tell them that you were planning on making me your wife to protect our privacy?" I turned to face him fully as the doors whispered shut and butterflies started to circle around in my stomach. He wants me to be his wife?

He ran a hand through his hair while his sapphire blue eyes bored into mine with a hunger that made me gasp. He took a step towards me. And I retreated. Then he took another step. And then another, until I felt the cool metal of the elevator wall press up against my back. The circle of butterflies in my stomach had given way to tingles that shot heat straight to my core. God, please don't let anyone get on this elevator.

"No comment. Now give me what's mine princess." He said as he rested his hands on either side of my head. His 6"3 frame created a sensual shelter around me, keeping the rest of the world at bay. I didn't want to leave it. Ever.

"Bossy." I nearly moaned as he gently brushed a loose curl away from my face.

His knowing smile had turned my panties to ashes. "Stubborn." He said as his lips descended towards mine.

And then, know what happened next!



Asher, Asher, Asher. What am I going to do with you?!

So, will he put a ring on it? Where did Asher and Haley sneak off to during the Provost Foundation ball? What really happened in Ethiopia? AND WHO THE FUCK IS JENNA


(And please don't be mad that there was no picture of Haley. You'll get to see her when I do the cover reveal next month!)

Her Protector is a full length, standalone #bwwm interracial romance with a sweet but bossy alpha hero and a stubbornly independent heroine who do get their happy ever after.

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you.


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