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Meet Your Next Book Boyfriend-Asher Sullivan

Meet Asher Sullivan, the hero of my debut novel Her Protector due out November 2016. Here is a glimpse of Asher in all his sweet alpha glory.


Asher Sullivan recently agreed to be interviewed by a popular New York online magazine. He’s been flying below the radar as the boyfriend of billionairess socialite Haley Provost acting as part of her personal security team. But recent events have thrust him into the spotlight.

City News: Mr. Sullivan we really appreciate you taking the time to talk to us today. We know that you are the owner of Sullivan Security Services Inc. and that Haley Provost is one of the most prominent women in the United States, perhaps the world and that she is one of your clients. But not very long ago at the annual Provost Foundation Masked Ball you introduced yourself as Haley’s date. Are you two dating exclusively now?

Asher: I escorted her to the ball.

City News: So you two are dating then?

Asher: I already answered that.

City News: Well not exactly, but we'll move on. We’ve seen pictures of the two of you recently. In one of them, the two of you were at a pizzeria in Brooklyn. You were holding her. Is that normal behavior for a bodyguard?

Asher: Look, my relationship with Ms. Provost is really none of your business. I agreed to do this interview as a courtesy. I was told you had questions about me and my background. Not about Haley and I.

City News: Fair enough Mr. Sullivan. Where are you from? Do you have any siblings?

Asher: I was born in Kalispell, Montana. I have three sisters and one brother. As you probably know, my brother Caden is my business partner.

City News: We do know that! In fact, your family owns more than just cattle. You have oil fields going back generations. From what we can tell you aren’t quite as wealthy as your girlfriend, but you don’t exactly need to keep a day job either.

Asher: Good to know you’ve done your research. But I’ve always worked. I joined the military out of high school, became a Navy Seal and served my country with honor. I started Sullivan Security with my brother. We provide security and intelligence services to clients worldwide.

City News: That's wonderful. Is it true that you are part Native American?

Asher: Yes. My mother is Native American and my father is Irish.

City News: And can you tell us what it's been like for you as a white man dating a black woman? In our research we couldn't find any previous history of you dating black women.

Asher: Fuck you!

City News: No disrespect meant Mr. Sullivan. We are just trying to answer the questions that our readers have.

Asher: Well then your readers are assholes. Here’s the fucking deal. I’m a 6”4 half Irish, half native american, ex Navy seal. I’ve got blue eyes and black hair. I like Neapolitan style pizza and good beer. My job is to protect people and that includes my Princess, Haley Provost. Soon to be Haley Sullivan if I have anything to say about it. We done?

City News: Uh, Yes. I mean yes sir, I think we have what we need. Thank you for your time and for your service sir.

Get to know Haley Provost next week when she also does an exclusive interview with City News. Preview Chapter One of Her Protector right here!

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you.


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