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Goodbye To The Shit Show That Was #2016

I'm generally an optimistic person but I have to say that 2016 put a real dent in my armor. It was truly a shit show on so many levels. Whether it was the loss of so many of our favorite artists and heroes or the utter disgrace that was the 2016 US presidential election, we took some tough hits this year. But let me be clear before I lose you. THIS IS NOT about to be a rant on the President-Elect. My only hope is that we the people pay close attention to what is happening in our country and the rest of the world and not only be fearless and relentless in our search for the truth, but learn to accept it when we find it even if it doesn't always fit into the narratives we swear allegiance to. And that's all I have to say about that!

Now for some optimism and a few rules!

1. Never make a resolution you don't intend to keep. 2017 is all about going beyond the intention straight to the doing. Remember what Yoda said:

2. Be grateful. If you are reading this you are alive and escaped the curse of 2016 by NOT trending on twitter.

3. For my fellow writers. Treat every month like #NaNoWrimo (in my case with out the procrastination).

4. Be kind. If we learned anything from the shit show of 2016 it is that we need to step up the kindness. It's free. Doesn't take a lot time, just some mindfulness. If we keep no other resolutions this year, please let's all keep that one.

It's time to move forward. 2016 is over and behind us. While some of of us will bear the scars for quite some time, we still must look forward to what this year will bring with hope and optimism and a clear vision. Today I will do some editing on my manuscript and work on other areas of my writing business that need my attention. What will you be doing to move your life forward in the New Year?

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you!


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