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What Makes A Good Book Boyfriend?

Let's be clear. I consume romance novels like

Tony Montana consumes cocaine. Copious, obnoxious amounts.

I. Am. An. Addict.

Like all hardcore romance junkies, I am constantly looking for my next book boyfriend. Gideon Cross, Christian Grey, Jamie Fraser, Damien Stark, Jack Sullivan...we had some good times together. But when the story or series ends, what am I left with? A yearning for more. So every time I push that 1-Click button on Amazon I embark on a journey that's going to either deliver me the next imaginary man of my dreams disappointment. My criteria is simple:


No matter how high those stilettos are I should still only come up to his chin.


Can he hold me up during wall or shower sex? I think that's a fair way to measure his strength. Don't you?


Are they intense? Piercing? Hungry? Soft? His eyes should convey his emotions.

The Rest

My mama raised me to be a good Catholic girl (umm...not sure that worked out the way she planned!) so I will let you fill in the blanks. It might start with "His large____ had me worried if it would fit."....

"You is kind, you is smart, you is important." ― Kathryn Stockett, The Help

I like them dark. I like them a little broken. I like them sweet. I like them dominant. I like them wickedly smart. But at their core they are kind (even when they have to be cruel). They solve problems. And in the end people turn to them when shit gets real.

My perfect book boyfriend could be a drug dealer, or a doctor who saves the lives of drug addicts, or a DEA agent who catches drug dealers. It's the core of who he his balanced with ridiculous hotness that makes the experience of reading his story resonate.

So fellow romance junkies, what makes the perfect book boyfriend for you? I like lists. Do you have a list? Please share (you don't need to have a list)!

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you!


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