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Peace is hard to find when you’ve got a crazy ex-husband who just won’t let you go.

Berkeley Michaels spent the last three years of her life fighting for a divorce from a man who refused to let her go. In search of some solitude she relocates to the snow-capped mountains of Northern California. But as usual life has other plans.

Dr. Liam Walsh doesn't do relationships. But when he finds Berkeley stranded on the side of the road he finds a reason to be a better man.

​They've both got baggage, they've both got scars. But in the end, HEARTS DON'T LIE.


A couple of weeks before Valentine's Day I woke up inspired. And it wasn't because the new 50 Shades movie was out! Nor did I have a man to celebrate the day with (still don't). What I did have was an idea. And I have National Novel Writing Month aka NaNoWrimo partly to thank for it. Trying to write a full length novel in 30 days, ain't easy folks. Especially for a new writer such as myself. Full disclosure, I didn't win. But I did attempt it. And I did get some words on the page. So when I woke up that morning with Berkeley and Smith on my mind (Smith became Dr. Liam because I like nice Irish boys!) I knew that NaNoWrimo had been well worth the attempt.

My goal was to write a novella between 35K and 40K by Valentine's Day. It ended up taking me a few more days, but not much.

HEARTS DON'T LIE is a sweet and very steamy stand alone novella with an HEA (Happily Ever After). I love these characters and they were easy to write. If you want to know what I used for inspiration for Berkeley, Liam, and their world, check out my inspiration board on Pinterest. You can read Chapter One now by joining my VIP team.

I hope you'll enjoy reading HEARTS DON'T LIE as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you!


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