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I pulled the wet shirt tighter around my nose and mouth trying to lessen the potency of the tear gas that the prison guards had just fired off. My cell block was in total chaos and the entire prison was deep in the throes of a full blown riot. I squinted through the smoke to check the clock on the wall. I had seven minutes to wade through the pandemonium and make my way to the cafeteria.

I changed into the prison guard uniform that had been left for me in an oven by one of my contacts at the prison. There was also a badge, ID, and a weapon. I slipped into my role as prison guard with ease and headed out the back of the kitchen toward the yard. The SUV was there waiting just like fucking clockwork.

I’d done it. I’d escaped from the hell hole that I had no place being in, in the first place.


Nicholas Travers. Escapee. The corners of the file were curled and worn from the number times I’d thumbed through it. This man knew how to run. A murder convict who walked right out of the prison in the middle of a riot and no one had seen anything? Bullshit. That’s why the file had come to me. Because I was one of the top bounty hunters in the country. Dog The Bounty Hunter had nothing on me.

So there I was, in East Podunk following up on a lead that had taken me two thousand miles away from home to catch an escaped convict who just happened to be one of the most beautiful men I had ever seen. I was about to take a sip of my lukewarm coffee when I saw a man drive up to the gas station I was parked across from on a shiny black Harley. I set my cup down gently in the holder as my heart kicked up a few notches. My contact had described that he had seen Travers riding a black Harley in that town. What were the odds? I grabbed my gear and was out of the car and across the street in a flash.


I had just tightened the cap on the gas tank when I heard a commanding female voice call my name.

“Nicholas Travers. Kneel down and put your hands behind your back. Do it now.”

Oh fuck. I was just gassing up so I could hit the road and get the hell out of that shitty little town. I wasn’t going back to prison. Ever.

“I won’t ask you again.” She yelled as she stepped toward me.

“Good. Because I ain’t going back. I should have never been there in the first fucking place.”

“I know.” She said, as she took another step towards me with her taser aimed at my chest. “I’ve read your file. I’m not a lawyer, I’m Gina, a bounty hunter. It was obvious to me that some mistakes were made in your case. But breaking out of jail? That just made your situation worse. I’m sorry but I have to bring you in. It would help if you came willingly.”

“How about we make a deal instead.” I hadn’t had pussy in two long excruciating years. And seeing her in her those tight leather pants and low cut tank top had turned my dick to steel.

“A deal? You really think you have a play here?” She said with a smirk.

“Yeah! There’s a motel just outside of town. Follow me there. Let me have you, and then you can take me in. Please, it’s been two years.” I practically begged.

I could practically see the cogs turning in her brain as she considered my offer. But instead of answering me, she simply walked up snatched the helmet from my hand and jumped on the back of my bike.


I was doing this. I couldn’t even pretend I didn’t want him after looking at his picture and videos of him over the last few months. We had barely stepped into the motel room before he had my back up against the door and was frantically pulling my clothes off.

“I’m sorry. It’s been so fucking long. Jesus you’re beautiful.” He panted. There was little foreplay as hands and mouths took over rational thought.

His fingers sank into my wet folds while his other hand squeezed my ass cheek possessively. I could barely catch my breath, everything was moving so fast. Over and over his fingers swirled around my clit and then dipped inside to wet his fingers.

“Damn baby, your pussy is so hot and tight. It’s driving me insane.” He withdrew his finger and licked it decadently before sliding it back between my legs. “Tastes like honey too.”

My pussy throbbed needing more. Needing it hard and fast, the way I liked it. I pushed him down on the bed and climbed on. If he was going back to prison, I was going to make sure he got the ride of his life, so he would have something to dream about at night.

“Grab the condom out of my jeans baby. Hurry.” He said.

I slid the rubber on his rock hard cock and then sat on him until his balls grazed the outer lips of my pussy. His hands clutched my breast as I bounced up and down on him urgently with very little finesse. I’d been on edge the moment he touched me, and was already close.

“Oh,right there. Like that Nick. Oh God…” My pussy was beginning to clench and when he suddenly flipped me over. I was on my stomach and my ass was in the air before I could process what was happening.

“That was a nice ride baby, but let me bring it on home.” He growled and then set a ferocious pace that practically split me in two. No doubt I was going to be walking funny for the next few days.

I gripped the sheets and cried out every time he bottomed out. It hurt so damn good. And when he leaned over and bit my shoulder while stroking my clit roughly, I detonated. He continued pounding into me until he came with a deep long groan. My heart was beating so hard that I almost missed the banging on the door. I froze when I heard the words.

“Open up, it’s the police!”

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