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Tristan's Song

Tristan's Song is a story I started writing a couple of years ago and abandoned. Oddly enough it was the first full length novel that I ever attempted to write. But recently I came back to it and fell right back in love with my heroine Tristan and her hero Nick. Nick is soooo yummy. I can't wait to finish writing the book I'm working on now so I can get back to him, ahem, I mean them! Hot and hunky russian restaurateur and a beautiful soulful singer? Yes please, and thank you!

See, I've been writing songs for as long as I can remember so writing a love story about a female singer/songwriter felt totally natural. But as is the case with many new writers, I got discouraged, I got distracted, and set it to the side. And then something happened. I was working on another novel and came across a copy of the manuscript I had started. So stay tuned. I will keep you posted as I move forward with Tristan and Nick. They are not on the back burner anymore. They are on the front right burner and they are bubbling over trying to get my attention. You can read an excerpt from the mansucript

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