My cell phone chimed with an incoming text. Ben.

“Change in plans baby. Meet me at my place for dinner instead.”

It was date night and he’d told me to “dress fancy”. That’s what I got for falling in love with a cowboy from Texas. If it hadn’t been for my dad’s love affair with rodeos, Ben and I would never have met.

I rushed home straight from work and slipped into the tiny black dress that I had originally bought for our fancy dinner. I quickly strapped on the gold six inch peep toe stilettos I’d bought for the occasion, refreshed my make up, and was out the door in a flash.

When I arrived at Ben’s sprawling ranch just outside of Dallas, the vista that was laid out before me took my breath away as if I was seeing it for the first time. I sped up the winding driveway to the main house and had barely killed the ignition before he had his hand ons me. I don’t even remember my car door opening.

“Mmmm, you took too long.” He said as he began lacing kisses along my throat before finding my lips.

”That’s not my fault. I thought we were meeting in town for dinner.” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck and began kissing him back feverishly.

He clutched me against his chest tightly for a second before releasing me, then grabbed my hand and pulled me toward the house.

“You look amazing Mia.”

“Thanks baby, so do you.” He was dressed in work jeans that sat low on his hips, a plain white t-shirt and no shoes. Hiis short blonde hair was creased from the baseball cap that hooked on his belt loop. He looked totally edible.

“I thought we could eat out by the pool since it’s such a nice night.” He said interrupting my musings.

“Sounds perfect.”

What was he up to? We headed through the sprawling ranch house and I vaguely noticed the glow of candles scattered throughout the house that softly lit our way towards the patio. Yeah, he was definitely up to something. Butterflies began a wild dance in my belly as I stepped through the patio door and saw what he had done.

Red petals were scattered like a Hollywood red carpet leading to the edge of the swimming pool. And candles encased in hurricane glasses created a beautiful perimeter. It took my breath away. He let go of my hand and lifted my face towards his with a single finger.

“I was hoping we could take a swim before we ate.”

“What are up to you Ben?”

“Just go with it honey.” He drawled.

“Ok. Let me go grab my suit.” I said starting to turn back towards the house.

“You won’t need it tonight.”

Large hands that had been tanned by the sun and roughened by hard work began peeling my clothes away until I was naked. I noticed a slight trembling in them as he removed his clothes and reached out to lead me into the kidney shaped pool. He tugged me far enough into the water that I had to wrap my arms and legs around him since my feet couldn’t reach the bottom.

“Damn, I love you wet and naked.” He said.

“Mmmhmmm.” Was my only response as I tucked my head into the crook of his neck and relaxed against him.

We stayed locked in that sweet embrace for what could have been forever before he guided me towards the pool side and caged me in with his strong arms.

“I invited you here to tonight to ask you two questions and I didn’t want anything between us, including clothes.”

My hands tightened on his shoulders and I was once again drawn to the contrast of his sun tanned chest and rock hard abs against my deeper brown skin.

“Eyes up here honey.”

I slowly dragged my eyes up his chest and gazed again into his hypnotic eyes.

“Mia, you are the most important person to me in the world. I never thought meeting you at the rodeo that day would lead us here. But I’m so glad it did.”

My heart began to race and the butterflies in my belly took up their wild dance as he paused briefly and swallowed before speaking again.

“First, will you be my wife? And second, can I fuck you bare for the first time tonight?”

My eyes began to sting as I listened to his words rain down on me. Once again I wrapped my legs around his waist, but this time I slid down on to his waiting hardness. Bare. And as I exhaled as he breached my walls. I uttered, one single word.


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