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Jonah's body sheltered Charlie as the reverberation of more gunshots rang out. The frightened screams of dancers and the frantic pounding of footsteps as people sought to escape the danger filtered into the hallway.

The second that Jonah had triggered the security alert, the team had responded. And it had only taken seconds to take out the shooter. He had fired his gun first, so there would be no issue with the cops. Everything would be on the surveillance video.

Once the noise died down in the hallway and one of the bouncers gave the all clear, Jonah slowly pushed up so that his body was no longer weighing Charlie down. He gazed down on her with concern as she continued to shiver and stare blankly at him.

"Come back baby." He stroked her face gently, then slid the wig from her head. A riot of dark curls sprang free.

"Excuse me sir we need to examine her." A voice said from above him.

Jonah had hardly noticed the arrival of the EMTs because his entire focus had been locked on Charlie. He rose and took a step back so they could attend to her.


Charlie ended up going to Jonah's place after all. After trying to get her to eat something, he settled on the sofa and pulled her into his arms.

"You’re safe now. He can never hurt you again." He said.

"I could've gotten you killed Jonah! I tried to get away before he did something. I'm so sorry."

"This isn't your fault. He wasn't going to give up. But it's over now."

"It feels like a dream. Like it's not real, you know? Like I'm not even real. I never expected to be this girl. Running from an abusive relationship, stripping...I just want to feel real again. Does that make sense?"

Jonah ran his hands through her silky hair as she continued to talk. He'd noticed Charlie the day she auditioned and knew immediately she didn't belong at the club. And not because she couldn't dance. Charlie was sexy as hell, and owned the stage when she was on it. Watching her curvaceous body prance around the stage was the ultimate turn on for him and the worst torture. He'd wanted her immediately. She preferred to wear wigs both onstage and off, but it was her long dark curly tresses that made his fingers twitch. The allure of her chocolate colored eyes and pouty lips, had him convincing his brother to hire her. There was something about her that he hadn't quite been able to put his finger on, but even then he knew he couldn't let her go.

"It makes perfect sense. But you are real. Will you let me show you?" He said as he pulled her onto his chest and stared into her eyes.

"Yes." She said.

Jonah framed Charlie's face with his hands and gently caressed her lips with his. Over and over he kissed and stroked her face as if she were something wild that needed to be calmed. When finally she opened her lips and lightly touched her tongue to his, he knew she was ready to take it further. He gently explored her mouth and set a rhythmic pace with his tongue that soon had her grasping his wrists and straddling his body.

“Make me feel real Jonah. I need to feel real again please.” She whimpered, and began slowly circling her hips above his cock. He got the message loud and clear.

“I got you baby.”

He sat up and peeled off the short dress that had ridden above her waist to reveal a lacy white thong, and nothing else. He shut his eyes for a second and exhaled deeply, searching for control. The last thing he wanted to do was scare her by ripping her panties off and slamming into her like a wild animal. But it was so damn tempting.

“You're gorgeous baby.” He said as he reached out and clutched her full breasts. He began tugging on her nipples gently and she arched her body to increase the pressure.

“Harder please, Jonah.” She cried, and continued swirling her hips trying to create friction against his jean clad cock.

He sat up and brought his lips to one nipple while he continued working the other one with his fingers. He began sucking on her earnestly and taking sharp nips with his teeth that had her on edge and begging for more.

“That feel so good.” She moaned.

Jonah couldn’t take it anymore and rent her thong in two like it was a piece of paper. When he reached down and touched her folds, she was soaking wet. He felt the beast in him rise and he literally growled as he leaned over her until she was laying on back.

“I can’t wait anymore baby, I need to be inside you now.” He said as he slid his belt off and and unzipped his jeans. When his cock sprang free, Charlie gasped.

“Don’t worry, it’ll fit. I promise.” He laughed.

Jonah stripped down quickly and kissed his way up Charlie’s body until his rock hard rod was pressing against her dripping folds. Charlie was moaning and writhing and her wetness was bathing the head of his throbbing cock until he thought he would go mad. He couldn’t wait any longer and pushed himself inside her all the way to the hilt.

“Oh fuck. You are so goddamned tight. So fucking wet baby. You don’t know how long I’ve wanted you like this. For me.”

“...So good, oooh….” She cried out.

There was no holding back now. Jonah pulled out just to the tip and then slammed back into her, setting a wicked pace. Over and over he thrust into her wet hot heat like a man possessed until he felt her begin to tighten around him. Reaching down between them he began to rub her clit in quick tight circles that had her screaming his name.

“That’s right baby. Come on my cock, yeah….just like that. Damn…” He fucked her through her orgasm and right into his.

He buried his face in her neck as he pumped his hot seed deep inside of her. And her pussy milked every last drop from him as she clutched him close while aftershocks ran through her body.

When he lifted his head she was smiling up at him. He kissed her and felt his dick twitch while still inside of her, already trying to come back to life after being rung out so thoroughly.

“Was that real enough for you baby?”

“So much better than the dream. So much better.” She stretched like a cat and ran her hands up and down his back in utter bliss.

She might not have known it just yet, but he planned on making all of her dreams come true.

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