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Je Suis Prest (I Am Ready) - #OutlanderSeason2 #Outlander #JeSuisPrest

First of all, I need to vent. I've been stressing over the #AtoZChallenge daily blog challenge which has been kicking my ass and therefore I haven't had much time to think about writing anything else. But....Here I am on Saturday, April 9th writing something else. Tonight is the premier of Outlander Season Two. And I am beside myself. The trailers from the first season brought me to the books. So I embarked on a mission to read the series before the TV show premiered. Something told me it would matter. And it did. I read very fast but it still took me a few weeks to get through those 8 books because they are LONG AS HELL (and I don't think the series is over yet)! I spent a lot of sleepless nights consumed by Jamie and Claire Fraser. But it was sooo worth it. These books by author Diana Gabaldon are so wonderful. Fantasy, Historical Romance, and so much more. And the show takes the love story of Jamie and Claire which is what it's really all about to a whole other level.

I could go on, but I can't. Because the marathon is going on so everyone can get caught up. Not that I need to watch it, because I haven't missed an episode and have seen most of them more than once. But why the hell not? Today is dedicated to Outlander.

This series of books and the TV show is sexy, romantic, filled with suspense and drama, I just....well, I can't wait until tonight. Jamie and Claire are headed to France and so many challenges lie ahead for them. Since I've read the books I already know what's coming, but to see it play out on screen makes it new all over again. Hell, I'm sort of thinking about reading the books all over again just for shits and giggles.

"...Take me home to Lallybroch." Yes. Please.

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