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I could smell the smoke congested air around me which only managed to cloud my brain even more than it already was. Whatever drug they’d given me was damned powerful. The last thing I remembered were hands that didn’t belong to Zander pulling me from his bed. And then...nothing. Several times I had started to climb my way out of the darkness only to feel a sharp sting in my neck from a needle which sent me right back into oblivion. But this time they must have skipped a dose. Because I heard voices including one that I was sure belonged to Zander. I tried to call out but my body disobeyed the commands of my brain. I knew that I was in a dangerous situation but there was nothing I could do except pray that I wasn’t dreaming and that Zander was really there. Zander. How could I have fallen in love with a vampire? And who the hell had snatched me from his bed?

“Easy little queen, you're okay. Just a little diversion so we can get you out of here.” I recognized Jackson’s voice immediately and tried to talk but all that came out was a moan. He lifted me into his arms and I tried so hard to open my eyes but I just couldn’t do it.


Careful hands were running over my body as if searching for injury, “Mmmm…”

“C’mon sweetheart. Time to wake up now.” Zander’s voice washed over me and immediately calmed the panic that I felt trying to take over.


“Right here. Open your eyes for me.” He said.

I struggled for several minutes until finally I was able to see the fuzzy outline of my fiance’s handsome face.

“Whe...where am I?”

“On my airplane, getting the fuck out of Romania.”

“Romania? What happened? Who brought me here?”

“I promise to answer all your questions but right now I just need you to know that you’re safe and I will never let anyone hurt you again. I promise you that.”

“They were drugging me. I tried to wake up. I wanted to get back to you so bad.” His hand clenched my arm reflexively causing me to gasp.

“Fuck, baby. I’m sorry. I never expected my father to take things this far. But it doesn’t matter anymore. We're going home. We’re going to get married. And will be the end of it.”

I wanted desperately to believe him but something told me that if his father had gone this far, what would stop him from going farther?

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