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Nyla - #AtoZChallenge #FlashFiction #PNR #amwriting #IRromance


One Year Later

As usual Zander had decided once again to break from family tradition. He didn’t turn me into a vampire on our wedding night. Instead, he chose to wait until after our son Zion was born. Zander wanted our son to have the best of both worlds, both human and vampire like his Uncle Jackson. And having married a human and having a child that was half human also gave him something that he had always longed for. Since he was born a vampire all he could do was to give the gift of humanity to his son.

Zion had been born at home on our estate with the help of a midwife who specialized in supernatural births. He was the most beautiful boy graced with the same whiskey colored eyes and raven black hair as his father. Like every new mother there was nothing or no one that could convince me that my son wasn’t absolutely perfect!

We never heard from Zander’s father again after our escape from his castle in Romania. We decided to start our own kingdom at home. We had a healthy sized coven with vampires whose loyalty was strictly with Zander. Our court was different however. It was blended with both pure blood vampires as well as half breed vampires like Jackson. It was peaceful.

Zander’s brother Zeb had set off on his own quest to find his true mate and I had taken over management of Crave along with many of our businesses while my husband focused on his duties as king. Yes, I was a working vampire mom with a very supportive husband. And as we came upon the eve of our one year marriage anniversary I found myself in a reflective mood. A knock on the door disrupted my reverie.

“Come in.”

“Sorry to disturb you my Queen. I just wanted to let you know everything is ready for the anniversary party tomorrow night.”

“Thank you Skye. You can go home now.” I said to my assistant. She bowed and then exited my office with haste. I still had not gotten used to the whole queen thing. In my mind I was still plain old Nyla. But my husband never let me forget. He constantly pampered me with jewels and mini vacations, and an abundance of affection. Everything he had promised me on our wedding day he had delivered on. I knew how lucky I was and it made the transition from human to vampire queen much easier.


During the week we’d been staying at our apartment in the city. And since the baby was born, I worked mostly from there. And so did Zander.

“C’mon baby it’s time for your bath.” He said walking in looking dark and dangerous and totally yummy.

“Perfect timing as usual. Celia just put Zion down for a nap.”

“Why do you think I’m here? That little cock blocker has to rest sometime.”

“Don’t say that! You can’t use cock in the same sentence as our baby.”

“Except for the fact that my cock is the reason why he’s here.”

“Oh really? So I had nothing to do with it then? Is that it, almighty king?”

He chose that moment to pounce. He lifted me out of my chair and wrapped my legs around his waist in practically one motion. He possessed my lips as if they belonged to him. Because they did. And then right there on my office desk he used his cock to prove to me that I was his and that he was mine over and over again. It was hours before we got to take that bath. But there was no hurry.

We had a lifetime.

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