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Zephyr - #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z #FlashFiction #Romance


I could feel the pulse in my neck begin to throb as I heard the beeps from the keypad outside the door. Damn it. I’d cased this place for a month and I had the employee's schedules memorized. I’d taken care of the security guard, he would be out for at least an hour. No one should be here right now. I palmed the gun strapped to my thigh ready to go out in a blaze if necessary as the door slowly swung open.

“You really should stop wearing that perfume Zephyr, you know what it does to me.” My heart raced as a familiar deep voice purred into the dimly lit room.

“Sebastian! What the hell are you doing here? This is my take.” I whispered as I tucked my gun back into it’s holster.

“You don’t listen very well. And when I get you home you can expect a proper punishment. I told you no more stealing. I'll take care of you. You want jewels? All you have to do is tell me which ones you want and they’re yours.”

Funny. He’d been threatening to spank me for the last six months. He’d also showered me in more diamonds, gold, and attention than I knew what to do with. But he was the one who hadn’t been listening.

“So what, you’re stalking me now because I won’t come live with you and I keep returning your gifts? It’s you who doesn’t listen. Get over yourself and learn to take no for answer. No get out of my way so I can finish this job and get out before the guard wakes up.” I turned back and took one step toward the safe, but that was as far as I got. He had me pressed up against a wall with his arms preventing any route for escape.

“I can accept no just fine baby. What I won’t accept is you lying to me. I bet if peel those skintight leather pants down and rip your thong off, I’m going to discover a very wet pussy aching for me to fill it. Aren’t I?”

Wet panties were hard to hide so I chose not to answer. I squeezed my legs together trying to stop the relentless need that arose every time Sebastian was close. I didn’t want it. I didn’t want him to want me. I was a jewel thief. A nobody. A criminal. But he wouldn’t leave me alone. One of his hands reached out and gripped my waist while the other pushed back a wayward curl that had escaped my ponytail.

“Stop thinking so hard baby. It’s time to face reality. You.Are.Mine.” His lips captured mine in a hungry kiss. And as he pressed his body against me I could feel his stiff arousal twitch. And for whatever reason, I gave in. I was tired of running. What good did it do anyway? He’d just keep finding me, trying to keep me safe, trying to take care of me when no else ever had before.

In a blink of an eye his hands made quick work of my pants and my thong lay in tatters on the ground while he continued to plunder my mouth, using his tongue like a weapon to lay claim to what was his.

“Mine.” He declared again as his fingers found my slick wet folds. I whimpered as he swirled his a finger in hard tight circles teasing my clit until I thought it might explode. I threw my head my back as I rode his hand while clutching his biceps silently begging him not to stop. But he did. Stop. I looked at him and he gazed straight back at me with emerald green eyes as so fierce, I couldn't look away.

“Say it.” He demanded. I gasped as he suddenly thrust himself inside of me and then stilled. I was so beside myself I hadn’t even noticed that he’d pulled down his pants!

“I’m yours.” I whispered. Then I leaned in to capture his lips, but he pulled away again.

“What else?” He said as he made a feather light pass over my aching clit with his thumb.

“No more stealing.” I tried to move but he was holding me up and had wrapped my legs around his waist. All I could do was hold on.

“And?” He said with a maddeningly gentle thrust of his hips.

“You take care of me.”

“Finish it.” He said. And I clutched his hair as he began an intensely slow rhythm that took me to the very edge.

“Your mine too, and I live at your house.” I cried out as my thighs began to shake.

“Our house.” He growled and then began pounding into me earnestly as he continued staring into my eyes.

“Let me love you Zephyr.” He whispered before possessing my lips again as I completely unraveled in his arms.

So I did.

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