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Power (the Starz Series)

I follow very few TV shows religiously. I am more of a political news junkie along the lines of MSNBC and CNN. However, there a few shows that I tune into and might even stalk a little. Outlander, for example. C'mon, a hot Scottish dude in a kilt (check out the books)? Yes, please, and thank you. Game of Thrones. Jon Snow. I don't need to say anything else about that , do I? And then there's Power, now in it's 3rd season and more riveting than ever.

Where to start? James St. Patrick aka "Ghost". A drug dealer trying to go straight who is so deliciously complicated you can't even imagine how he is keeping all the balls in the air he is juggling. Then there is Ghost's BFF Tommy. Tommy is damaged and yet loyal to a fault . He loves being a drug dealer and doesn't want to go straight. Angela is another key character. She's Ghost's high school sweetheart and mistress who poses a threat to his very freedom. Ghost's wife Tasha, has been ride or die and is a boss in her own right and has to put up with Ghost's bullshit, take care of their kids, AND their business. And then there's Holly. Tommy's girl. Fucking Holly.

I don't want to be a spoiler. But if you watch Power and saw Episode 5 of season 3 then you understand why I said...fucking Holly. Tommy deserves love. Truly he does. I love Tommy. He is a beautiful disaster. But he had to go and fall in love with Holly. Don't get me wrong. I understand Holly. She's the ultimate survivor. She has to put herself first above all else. But damn girl, why you make Tommy do that???

I've watched this episode 3 times since Sunday. That's how crazy it was. The acting and the story line are next level. In fact, it's on right now as I am writing this!!! And I haven't even mentioned Kanan yet. Kanan is played by rapper 50 Cent and he is a total sociopath who is bent on revenge and keeping his hustle. He mentored Ghost and Tommy and taught them everything they know about the drug game. But shit has changed. Now he is back and on a serious mission to claim his spot. And he is willing to kill anyone in his path without hesitation.

I can't even talk about it anymore. All I can say is that Power has turned out to be one of my favorite series EVER. I love stories about gangsters and this show is all about gangsters and their internal conflicts, and making them human, and showing them for the monsters that they are, and you love them, and you hate them, and you want to be them, and maybe you want to have sex with them...and they're sexy....Arghhhhh

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear from you.


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