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Quiet - #AtoZChallenge #Blogging #amwriting #writerslife

I know it sounds like I'm whining (because I am) but the fact is, I've got a full time life and I write in between! One of the things I did for myself recently was remodel my home office. Which really means that I decluttered it, painted it, and re-purposed some furniture that I had in storage. But those changes have made a world of difference. I now have a very comfy writing space where I can sit on the sofa or recline on the chaise, or work at my desk. No TV, no phone, no interruptions. Yeah right!

The reality is, that life is constantly happening around me. The dog is barking, a phone is ringing somewhere in the house. I have to pick up the kid from school, answer a clients email. The mailman or the UPS guy just has to ring the doorbell before he leaves the package at the front door. I mean, doesn't anyone care that I'm a writer?

I just have to accept that my life is noisy. Some days I want to put it on mute and just write. The funny thing is when I have those moments of silence that I'm so desparate for, I do stuff like this. Write a blog post. Find new music to listen to.

Dream up the next scene in my book...There it is. That's why silence is a gift.

Shhhh....time to write the next scene.

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