A to Z Blogging Challenge

So yeah, I'm doing this now. Because you know I have the time. As a self employed single mother and writer with three WIPS (works in progress) I have soooo much time in my life to take on a blog challenge. And given that I just started blogging last month, it really does make perfect sense, right? Fellow writer @Sashaknight shared the idea with me and my first instinct was....ummm no, I won't be doing that. Now it's technically day 2 and I've got two damned posts to write so I can catch up. It's official. I'm crazy.

Why am I doing this? I'll be honest. I want to prove to myself that I am actually a writer. I'm not sure if I will be able to answer that question at the end of this challenge, or if this is even the way to test my theory. There. That would be an example of me showing vulnerability. It's so much easier to create characters who are vulnerable than play one in real life. Wouldn't you agree?

So here is the deal. One letter of the alphabet, one post, every day for the month of April except Sunday's (because God said we have to rest). I'm sure I will go to my comfort zone and write romance. But, I'm feeling a bit frisky so who know's?! Lots to think about. Since I mentioned God, for the first post A is for Adam. Sounds like a hot name for a hot alpha if I do say so myself. Here we go. Stay with me friends. Stay with me!

#amwriting #writerslife #imcrazy

#amwriting #writerslife #atozchallenge #flashfiction

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