The bikini clad ring girl paraded around the cage signaling the third and final round. Then the bell rang, and it was on. Sweat rained down Adam’s body as he tried to pin his opponent to the mat. The cut above his eye had already begun to bleed again so he knew he needed to end things soon before the referee intervened. Because time was short he decided to keep it simple and go for a basic double leg takedown. His opponent wasn’t expecting it. In a tangle of legs and slippery skin both men fell to the mat and Adam quickly pressed his advantage. Switching straight into ground and pound mode, Adam had his opponent tapping out in submission in mere seconds.

Later in the locker room Adam groaned with relief as a cool hand wiped a bead of runaway sweat from his brow.

“There. All stitched up, and handsome as ever.” The cool hand was followed by a sweet kiss directly above the cut that was slashed across his right eyebrow.

“Thanks Doc.”

“You’re welcome. Anything else I can do for you?”

“Yes. I won. So you can show me that you followed my instructions this morning. Lift up the skirt Eva.” They’d made a deal that morning at breakfast that if he won his match he could have her apple pie. And Adam never lost.

He raised up on his elbows so that he could watch as Eva raised up her short skirt inch by agonizingly slow inch. He licked his lips and grinned as her skirt finally bunched around her waist.

“No panties. Good girl. Now, get up here and give me my prize.”

Eva laid on top of him then grasped his face in her hands and attached her lips to his as if it was the last kiss she would ever have. His hands clenched at her waist reflexively as he quickly took control of the kiss. Without breaking their connection, he expertly switched positions so that her back was against the bench. He slowly withdrew from their kiss with gentle nips and tugs on her plump lips until she opened her eyes.

“I want my apple pie now baby.” Her only response was a soft moan as her legs fell apart to accommodate his questing fingers.

“Mmmm, nice and juicy. Perfect.” Adam slowly kissed his way down Eva’s body until he reached his goal and took a long deliberate swipe with his tongue.

Victory was indeed his.

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