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Hunted - #AtoZChallenge #Flashfiction #Amwriting #PNR

3 months ago

I was extremely hungry. It had been the longest time I'd ever gone without taking blood. But I was stronger than most other vampires. I could go weeks without feeding before the lack of blood started to take a toll on my body. I was almost to that point. But my conviction remained strong. I needed to purify myself for her. My mate. My queen. I'd been all over the world searching for her. Searching for the one who would help me continue my royal bloodline. And then, I saw her. And the irony of it made me want to throw a chair out the window of my office.

My brother had hired a new waitress for our nightclub Crave while I had been on the hunt. As a rule I liked to personally meet and interview all potential staff. We ran a very exclusive club that catered to the city’s elite. And those elite had very particular tastes. The right staff, whether human or other were an important part of the club's success. When she walked into my office with six inch spikes attached to a pair long and shapely coffee colored legs, the pulse in my neck jumped. Even in those heels I knew that the top of her head would barely graze my chin. I watched her stride in with all the confidence that a queen should have but without the attitude. When I asked her to be seated, she sat then looked straight at me with soft brown eyes that held no fear. And that made me happy. A queen should never fear her king. I could smell her from across my desk, and given how hungry I was, it only made her scent more intense. It was a unique combination of rich chocolate, jasmine, and musk, that swirled around her creating an aura that I wanted desperately to pierce. Her thick dark hair was pulled up into a ponytail, but a single strand had escaped and coiled enticingly around her ear. Her full lips shimmered, taunting me to bite them. She was perfection. She was mine.

I leaned in, “Hello Nyla. I wanted to personally welcome you to Crave since I didn’t get a chance to meet you during the interview process.”

“Thank you Mr. Antonescu.” She said.

“You may call me Zander. So tell me, how long have you been a waitress?”

She licked her lips before speaking. “About a year. I’m a senior at the University, and my scholarship doesn’t quite cover all of my expenses. So...”

“So, here you are.”

“Yes sir. And I really appreciate the opportunity.”

Her smile lit up her entire face and I couldn't help but return the expression. “It’s my pleasure to have you.”

And I would have her. All of her.

***Should I keep it going? Let me know in the comments! And I'm open to suggestions. Thanks for reading!***

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