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Jeopardy - #AtoZChallenge #PNR #FlashFiction #Diverseromance

Fuck. The instant I stepped back into my apartment I knew she was gone. And it hadn’t been by choice either. The stench of my father’s henchmen lingered throughout the place like rotten garbage. And underneath their stench was the smell of Nyla’s fear. My fangs dropped as a dark rage came over me like never before. The audacity of my father was mind boggling. He really thought that he could just come in my home and take what was mine because he was the king. Fuck him, and to hell with tradition. There was no coming back from this. But time was not on my side. His men probably had an hour head start which meant that they were already on a plane back home. My first call was to my pilot to get the plane ready for departure within the hour. My second call was to my best friend Victor.

“What up Fang?” He said by way of greeting.

“My father’s men took Nyla right out of my fucking house. I need you to meet me on the tarmac in thirty. And bring your passport.”

“Fuuuck.” He breathed heavily through the phone. “I’ll see you in a few.” He rang off without asking a single question.

I shot off a quick text to my brother letting him know what was going on. He would take care of the club and our other businesses while I was out of the country.


I kept a small apartment in Bucharest but chose to stay at a hotel close to my family's estate near the Black Sea. I knew my father would have men watching my place and I needed to make sure I was prepared before I made my move. Victor came through the adjoining door between our rooms with a tumbler of scotch in one hand, and his laptop in the other.

“Dude, you’re a fucking millionaire, why are we staying in this dump?” He said sitting on a small couch.

“So, it’s not a step up for you then? I mean, you did get to fly on a private plane.” The fact was Victor was a wealthy man in his own right, with plenty of his own luxury toys.

“Funny. So what’s the plan? Because I’m thinking that storming the castle isn’t going to be that effective.”

“Or necessary. Their expecting me. So I’ll be going through the front gates. You on the other hand will be locating Nyla. You should be picking up the signal from her bracelet by now.”

“Yeah, I’m just getting online now.”

I handed him over the external drive that contained the blueprints of the castle then sat down in the chair opposite from him. I was almost certain my father would not have thrown her in the dungeon.This whole thing was nothing more than a ploy to get me here to begin with. He was simply trying to force me to his will. Either way, he made a mistake when he took my Nyla. A very grave mistake And if she wasn’t in perfect condition when I found her, people were going to die. Plain and simple.

“Found her. That was a stroke of genius to plant that tracker in her bracelet man.” Victor said. “It looks like she’s in the upper northeast part of the castle.”

“What did you say?” I stood abruptly and knocked his drink over on the table in the process as the dark rage quickly took hold again.

“She’s in the northeast…”

“No.” I roared, throwing Jackson’s glass across the room and watching it shatter against the wall.

“What’s in that part of the castle Fang?” He asked, rising to his feet.

“My father’s private quarters.”

There would be blood spilled tonight.

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