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Mine - #AtoZChallenge #PNR #FlashFiction #VampireRomance #FangChronicles


I hadn’t killed my father when I had the opportunity to. If I had, then I would have been king. That was also part of the family tradition. Vampire kings didn’t just retire after a certain age. But I didn’t want it that badly. Especially if I had to sacrifice Nyla in the process. Giving her up was never an option. My father had taken her as a test. And I had given my answer. Nyla. Always.

It was the day of our wedding. We had postponed it for a week due to my father’s interference but finally we’d made it. So there I stood beneath a two hundred year old oak tree near the lake that rested on my land. Waiting. Jackson stood at my side along with my brother Zeb, as Nyla slowly made her way down the rose strewn path towards me. I could feel her heartbeat with each step she took. Her creamy chocolate brown skin shone in radiant contrast to the virgin white strapless gown she wore. The gown was as unique as it was timeless, with a skirt that had diamonds and sapphires woven into the fabric which glowed when they caught the light. Her dark brown curls cascaded down her back untethered and caressed her skin as she walked. She carried a simple bouquet of blood red roses. My thirst had never been greater than the moment when she finally arrived at my side.

The vows were said, the rings were exchanged, I kissed her long and deep, and after what felt like a lifetime, Nyla was my wife. Like the wedding, the reception was also held at my estate. A clear dance floor covered the swimming pool, and all the guests appeared to be enjoying themselves. I know that I was, dancing with my wife in my arms.

“So, is this the wedding of your dreams?” I said as I looked down into her eyes.

“Why, do I get another one if I say no?” She teased.

“You can have as many weddings as you want sweetheart, but you’ll always be marrying me. Your husband.”

“Mmmm. Husband. I like the sound of that.”

“Not as much as I like the sound of wife. My...wife.” I kissed her with a contented smile on my lips.

Her arms tightened around my neck as she opened her mouth under mine. I sucked her bottom lip and nipped it gently before soothing it with my tongue. Suddenly I wished for nothing more than for our guests to go the hell home so I could make Nyla mine completely. Her nails sank into the back of my neck as I let her up for air. She was as eager as I was.

“Let’s say goodnight. I’ve waited long enough.” I said against her lips.



We’d decided to stay at a hotel in town instead of on the estate or at my apartment so we could be closer to the airport for our morning flight. I wish I could remember the details of the penthouse but all I remember is lifting my wife in my arms, crossing the threshold, and then a blur as I ran at top speed to the bedroom. I’d been without blood for so long I was starting to feel dizzy. But I would exercise a few more seconds of patience. I didn’t want to get blood on her beautiful dress. So as we stood at the foot of the bed I removed her dress and undergarments until she stood in front of me naked and ready.

I didn’t give a shit about my tux and ripped it off without heed to the fabric, or its cost. We hadn’t lost eye contact the entire time. I could see the rapid throb of her pulse as she stepped forward until our bodies touched. My fangs dropped, and I buried my face in her neck. As I inhaled the unique perfume that had enthralled me since the day we met, I bit. Her soft flesh yielded easily to the sharpness of my fangs and her arms clutched my biceps tightly as her head lolled to the side in total surrender. The rich sweetness of her blood flooded into my mouth and burned a path down my throat straight to my dick.

I laid Nyla on the bed and covered her with my body as I sealed the holes in her neck that I had made with a quick swipe of my tongue. I ran my hand down her body until I reached her pussy then teased my fingers up and down her dripping wet folds a few times before parting her gently. I lightly brushed my finger across her pulsating clit and her back bowed as she screamed my name coming almost instantly.

“Mine. Every dripping wet inch if this pussy is mine.” I growled as I slipped my finger into her clenching pussy to draw out her orgasm.

“Yours Zander, all….ohhh….” She screamed while grinding out her release on my hand. I continued to stroke her with my fingers until she calmed.

“Are you ready to be my queen, Nyla?”

“Yes. Baby please.” She panted as her hips circled seeking something she’d never had before.

I placed each of her legs over my arms and notched my rigid cock against her opening. Inch by agonizing inch I fed my cock into her until I reached her virgin barrier. Her eyes flew open and locked on mine and we pushed through it together. She flinched slightly and then a smile lit her face in relief.

“I love you Zander.” She gasped as she began to move.

"I love you too.” I growled as I thrust into her tight hot pussy burying myself to the hilt. I thrust into her over and over again until she was coming on my cock and my balls tightened and finally released my seed deep inside of her.

I made her mine over and over again that night. My Nyla. My wife. My queen. Mine.

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