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10 Reasons Why I’m Not An Outlander Fangirl

  1. I am not obsessed with Jamie Fraser

  2. I am not considering taking a trip to Scotland

  3. I never fantasize about taking a peek under Jamie’s kilt

  4. I am not re-rereading the entire Outlander series

  5. When I’m reading the Outlander books I don’t hear Sam Heughan’s Scottish accent in my head

  6. I don’t binge watch season one of Outlander

  7. I never shut myself in my room and ignore my child on Saturday evening to watch the new episode of Outlander

  8. I don’t troll Outlander cast members twitter feeds.

  9. I don’t try to explain to people why they should be watching Outlander or reading the books.

  10. I’m not writing or blogging about Outlander

Oh shit…..

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