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Taste - #AtoZChallenge #FlashFiction @AprilA2Z

***Warning: Sexually Explicit Content. 18+***

Damnit! You’d think after three years of doing this show with the same set, folks would know how I liked my knives organized. The last thing I wanted to do was have a meeting with the director about knives. Between shooting the show and running multiple restaurants, dealing with bullshit was not even close to making it on my to-do list. That’s what assistants were for. I shot a quick text to Quinn to handle it for me. I needed to head over to my restaurant in Midtown as soon as I got through with a quick meet and greet with the studio audience. I was cooking a private dinner for a large Wall Street firm and I still had some shopping to do. But the audience members were not to be ignored.

After signing a dozen or so cookbooks and taking numerous pictures, I noticed a woman standing slightly apart from the crowd. She wasn’t holding a cookbook or a phone and she appeared to be younger than most of the audience. She was dressed in skin tight black leggings and stood in a pair of sky high black leather boots that managed to looked sexy and expensive as hell. My feet had a mind of their own and carried me the few short steps over to her.

“Hello there. I’m Chase. Thanks for coming! Did you enjoy the show?” I said reaching out to grasp her hand.

“Nice to meet you Chase. I’m Lilly. The show was great! ” Her voice was soft and sweet and her hazel eyes practically glowed as she smiled up at me.

“What was your favorite recipe?”

“The dessert of course! I love red velvet cake. It was really a great idea to give out samples to the audience. Do you do that after every show?”

“Thank you. And yes I do. But it’s not always the dessert. Did you have a cookbook or something you wanted me to sign?”

“No thanks! I’m here on business actually.”

“Really? What business would that be?” I asked taking a step back from her.

“The food business. I’m a critic for the Times and I’m doing a piece on you. So, I wanted to check out your show in person as part of my research.”

“Yeah? Well good luck with that.” Fucking critics. I turned to walk away but froze when I felt a gentle hand wrap around my bicep.

“Wait, please!” I inhaled deeply and then turned to face her again.

“What do you want?”

“Look, you are one of the most successful chefs and restaurateurs in the country. It’s nearly impossible to get a reservation in one of your restaurant's these days. Especially with the success of your show. I’m just trying to get an idea of who you are. The man behind the success. What drives you. Why you love to cook. I promise to be fair and objective.”

Her eyes looked directly into mine as she pleaded her case. Damn, but she was beautiful. Her straight black hair had my fingers itching to run through it. And her plush pink lips looked a whole lot tastier than the red velvet cake I had just served up. My cock rose to attention at the thought of those full lips wrapped around it. Damn.

“Listen. I have to get out here. Come by the Midtown restaurant at midnight. I’ll have dessert waiting for you.”

I left her standing there with her mouth gaping slightly open. But I had just thing to fill it. I could hardly wait for it to be midnight.

Want more? Stay tuned for the continuation of Taste!

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