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Underneath It All - #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z #FlashFiction #Romance

***Warning: Sexually Explicit Content. 18+***

I stood in the wake of Chase Anderson for at least two minutes trying to grasp what had just happened. First of all, everything about him screamed sex. He easily towered over me by five or six inches and his tight fitted black t-shirt and low slung jeans left little to my imagination. Second, he smelled like cake. Rich, decadent, and totally irresistible. It never occurred to me that a man who smelled like cake could be sexy. But trust me, it is. And then there were his hands. When he was laying the frosting on his red velvet cake, I wished for nothing more than to be that cake! But all sexiness aside, I needed that interview. I’d been freelancing as a food writer for the last year and had managed to talk my way into a huge opportunity with the Times. And Chase was the key.


“You’re punctual! I like that.” He said as he reached a hand in to assist me out of the cab.

“Thanks for inviting me . I’ve got a lot of questions for you.” I said as he led me through the restaurant towards the kitchen.

“All in due time. First, dessert.”

I could see that he’d been hard at work before my arrival. I saw bits of strawberries and chocolate shavings decorating his work space. Before I knew it I was standing at the stove with him behind me helping me stir the chocolate he had melting in a double boiler.

“My mother taught me to cook.” He volunteered, as his hand guided mine to keep the chocolate from burning.

“Did she own a restaurant too?”

“Nope. She was a single mother who cleaned people's house for a living. But her passion was food. And she passed that passion on to me.”

“Looks like she did a great job with you. I bet she’s very proud.”

“The chocolate is ready.” He said, changing the subject quickly.

He turned the stove burner off and then placed his hands on my shoulder and turned me around to face him. “Are we on the record right now?” He asked.

“I...I don’t know. I thought you invited me here so I could interview you.”

“Really Lilly? That’s what you thought?”

I never got a chance to answer that question. His soft lips covered mine and they tasted like chocolate and wine. I wondered if that was what he meant by having dessert ready for me. It wasn’t hard to surrender to him. When he lifted me up my legs wrapped around his waist as if they had a mind of their own. When my back hit the surface of his work table I had a moment. I was a journalist. I had pursued this interview. And now I was on my back with my legs in the air and his fingers were teasing my...Oh God...

While I was tormenting myself over my complete lapse in professionalism, Chase’s fingers had worked their way around my panties and into my pussy. I was completely vulnerable as he stood over me and strummed my clit like a virtuoso. All I could was spread my legs wider. His fingers got more demanding as I gripped the sides of the counter and my body moved in a frenzy to meet his questing fingers.

“Oh God Chase,’re going to make me come. Please don’t stop.” My hips circled his hand uncontrollably.

“Not yet baby. I need to be inside you when you come. Jesus you look so fucking hot right now.” He growled.

He pulled his fingers from my pussy and I cried out from the loss. But his hands were back on body removing my clothes before I could mourn too long. And then….came the chocolate. My skin tingled as the smooth warm chocolate coated my breasts, and belly.

“Mmmm….chocolate on top of chocolate. My favorite.” He said as he licked my breasts. I heard the telltale ripping of foil and my pussy clenched in anticipation. His fingers parted my swollen folds and he slowly filled me.

We were a sticky chocolaty mess as he pounded into me, practically screwing me into his work table. I met each of his powerful thrusts with a scream which only made him fuck me harder. His face was buried in my neck and his tongue stroked a particularly sensitive spot that apparently had chocolate on it too. His thrusts had grown more intense by the second.

“I need you to come for me. Come now Lilly.” My body responded instantly to his command. I wrapped my legs around his waist, clutched his hair and fell apart. My pussy began clenching so hard it almost hurt. His dick grew impossibly harder and then he stiffened as he unloaded his hot seed. Thank God he was wearing a condom. If not I probably would’ve gotten pregnant right then!

After we came down from our sex high, he kissed me sweetly on the lips and asked, “How was that for dessert?”

“The best. Next time can we try the banana cream pie?” I laughed.

“Mmmm….I think I can make that happen. You’ll have to stick around for awhile though.” He began taking gentle nips at my neck and I arched into him trying to get closer.

“I think I can make that happen.” I purred as his hard rod began probing my core again.

“But first, I think I’m ready for seconds!”

It was the best dessert ever.

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