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Viking - #AtoZChallenge #AprilA2Z #FlashFiction #BWWMRomance


When the animal skin loincloth drifted to the floor my heart almost stopped. I was in a room surrounded by male strippers parading around as Vikings. Actually I was trapped on a boat with male strippers parading around as Vikings. What the fuck had my sister gotten me into? A free cruise she said with all expenses paid. Who was I to turn down a free vacation? She conveniently left out the part of about it being a themed cruise. The emancipation of DeeDee she called it. Maybe she was right. It’d been a year since the divorce and my ex-husband had done his best to break me. It was time to go back into the light again. A naked Viking seemed like a good place to start.

As he started to come closer I gripped the arms of my chair praying silently he would keep moving and target one of the other ladies sitting at my table. Oh shit. This dude was busting out moves that would give Magic Mike a run for his money. He was about 6”2 inches of ripped muscles, long dirty blond hair that flowed past his shoulders, golden hazel eyes, and a scruffy five o’clock shadow that would scratch a girl just right in all the best places. I wish my sister had warned me so I could have brought some dollars bills. But she probably figured that would be too much of a clue and I would end up chickening out. Besides, all he had on was one of those tuggie things covering his dick attached to a very skinny string. Since it was an all inclusive cruise, maybe the tips were already added in. There I was thinking about tips and fees when I had a nearly naked Viking dancing in front of me with his eyes riveted on my face. Time to live a little.

I crossed my legs and squeezed as he took the final step towards me and reached out his hand.

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