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Why I Write Interracial Romance

As I approach the completion of my first novel “Her Protector”, I am facing many business decisions. One of those decisions is the cover art. Heads up, this is NOT a cover reveal! While I do have the cover design already done, I’m not ready to roll it out just yet. However, I have shared the cover with a couple of non-writers to get their opinions, and their feedback was interesting. One opinion stood out to me in particular. The individual questioned why I chose to put a white man on the cover. She indicated that her preference would have been to have a black guy featured. Now, as the title of this post indicates, I write interracial romance fiction (which this person knows full well). In particular, I write BWWM (black woman/white man) romance. The cover of my book reflects that. In other words, there’s a white guy and black woman on it!

I have to say that the business side of being an indie author is full of challenges. The truth is that I’ve never done this before. Although this isn’t my first attempt at writing a novel, when I got the idea for it, I just stayed with it. I don’t think there was any particular reason as to why I stayed with this idea versus the other ones except that I was ready. I started writing it and pretty much haven’t stopped. But as I near the end of “Her Protector” and start looking ahead to the marketing phase of my book launch I’m wondering if I’m going to have to explain to people why I chose to write interracial romance.

I’m not really into the whole “explaining” myself to people thing. I lived like that for a long time. I was always trying to please others. But I don’t do that anymore. I do what I do because it pleases me. But I do want to address the question of why I write interracial romance. Let me count the ways.




  4. Uh, IT TEARS DOWN WALLS AND BUILDS BRIDGES? (see what I did there? #imwithher)


I like things that are HOT, don't you? Love comes in all colors, shapes, and sizes. The only barriers that exist are the ones that we build. So yes, I’m down with interracial love and every other kind of love. It’s about the story and the characters. It’s not a fetish, it’s romance IN COLOR.

Did I say too much? I'd love to hear what you think.


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